Welcome to Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland!

Switzerland is one of the first countries in the world to monitor its biological diversity. The Federal Office for the environment (FOEN) has launched a programme for this purpose called Biodiversity Monitoring in Switzerland (BDM). n conjunction with the BDM programme, experts contracted by the Federal Government will regularly count animals and plants in numerous predetermined areas in the field.

Concept and methods

Playing a globally pioneering role, Switzerland is determined to establish BDM as a specific long-term monitoring tool for the country’s biodiversity.
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Measuring biodiversity requires a carefully thought-out and highly standardised method.
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Special analyses

BDM research is not restricted to indicator work. Its experts also perform intriguing special analyses which are regularly published in well-structured fact sheets.
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The BDM Core Indicators

Last year’s field survey data have been analyzed and results published. For the latest developments and trends regarding species numbers and species communities in Switzerland, please refer to the following indicators:
> Z7: Species Diversity in Landscapes
> Z8: Population Size of Common Species
> Z9: Species Diversity in Habitats
> Z12: Diversity of Species Communities

Frequently asked questions

On what basis did BDM select the species it is monitoring? How are sampling areas being protected against human impact? What is the annual cost of 3.3 million Swiss francs composed of?
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A report from 2014 summarises the concept behind this programme of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN in a straightforward and comprehensive way.
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