Butterfly identification course

As part of the Swiss Systematics Society’s five-stage education concept, Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland (BDM) and the Swiss Biological Records Center (CSCF) jointly offer basic training in identifying Switzerland’s butterflies. While the course is aimed at all biologists and biology students, it is particularly meant to appeal to persons highly interested in later extending their expertise by advanced training in order to enable them to take part in BDM butterfly monitoring.

The course starts in spring with a one-day theory event conveying basic knowledge in butterfly systematics and identification. Afterwards, several field trips provide the occasion to observe and identify the various species in their natural habitats. Course leaders speak German and French. Provided participants have attended all events, they are awarded a certificate after passing a small test. In order to get the most out of the course, participants should already be familiar with Switzerland’s most common and well-known butterflies.

The course 2017 is organized by the «Schweizerisches Zentrum für die Kartografie der Fauna (SZKF/CSCF)».

If interested, please contact the CSCF, phone: +41 (0)32 725 72 57, secretariat.CSCF Email.