Organization and participating partners

BDM is run by the Federal Office for the Environment’s Species and Habitats section, with project management being handled by Glenn Litsios.

Information on the FOEN’s Species and Habitats section


After a public invitation to tender in 2015, the five-year contract for project coordination and data collection was awarded to Hintermann & Weber AG in Reinach, Switzerland. Furthermore, over 60 subcontracts governing individual tasks were concluded with specialized companies or individuals:

Topos Ecological Counseling has been commissioned to survey vascular plants as well as gather moss and mollusk samples. Approximately a dozen of its employees are involved in BDM field work.
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Directly coordinated by Hintermann & Weber AG, roughly 40 experts from all over Switzerland conduct BDM butterfly surveys.
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Aquatic insects are surveyed by roughly 20 fieldworkers, with various experts in charge of identification. Their activities are organized by Aquabug, a specialized company based in Neuchâtel.

The FUB Research Group for Environmental Monitoring in Rapperswil is responsible for identifying mosses in a laboratory setting.
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Mollusks are sorted and identified by Mr. Jörg Rüetschi in Bern and the Agentur Umwelt office for applied animal ecology in Höxter, Germany.
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Breeding birds

Breeding birds are surveyed by the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach in tune with its “Monitoring Common Breeding Birds” program.
Information on the Swiss Ornithological Institute