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Until the end of 2015, BDM comprised a total of 34 indicators largely based on third-party-program data. These indicators are no longer updated as of 2016. For the latest published versions please click on the appropriate link.

The list is in alphabetical order. It can be filtered by type of indicator by clicking on the corresponding tag.


Change in total area accounted for by individual land uses in Switzerland.

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 1979–2009)


Change in the total number of wilderness areas in Switzerland.

Last update: December 2009 (Data: 2009)


Change in the length of rivers, streams, hedgerows and woodland perimeters per square kilometre.

Last update: December 2010 (Data: 1979–2009)


Change in the heterogeneity of the countryside per square kilometre.

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 1985–2009)


Changes in the mean of nutrient indicator values of plants in 10 sqm grid squares.

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 2001–2014)


Change in domestic agricultural production in relation to the total area under production.

Last update: April 2013 (Data: 1979–2011)


Change in the proportion of woodland featuring non-indigenous tree species (exotics) or dominated by such species (over 50% exotics).

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 1983–2013)


Change in artificially rejuvenated woodland as a proportion of the total area of rejuvenated woodland (artificial and natural) in the territory in question.

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 1983–2013)


Changes in the volumes of standing and lying deadwood in Switzerland as a whole and its individual regions.

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 1993–2013)


Extraction of water over 20% from watercourses under average low-water conditions.

Last update: February 2009 (Data: 2009)


Change in the total number of watercourse sections with artificial embankments and engineered beds as a proportion of all watercourses.

Last update: September 2015 (Data: 2010)


Change in the content of inorganic and organic substances and in the water temperature in Swiss watercourses and captive water. Change in the proportion of waterways that are within the legal limits or do not exceed them by more than 50%.

Last update: October 2010 (Data: 1976–2005)


Changes in landscape fragmentation of the terrestrial expanse below 2,100 meters above sea level in Switzerland and its biogeographical regions.

Last update: 2009 (Data: 1935-2007)


Change in size of nature conservation areas protected by law.

Last update: March 2013 (Data: 1991–2013)


Change in size of areas of national importance which are protected at cantonal level and where relevant protection measures are enforced.

Last update: August 2011 (Data: 2011)


Total number of threatened species whose current occurrences are confined to national protected areas at no less than 50% proportionate to the total number of threatened species belonging to the same taxonomic groups in Switzerland.

Last update: December 2015 (Data: 2015)


Changes in the sum of all areas designated to contribute to preserving and promoting species and habitat diversity in agriculture, the adequate use of which is secured by contract. Changes will be monitored for Switzerland as a whole as well as broken down by area types and by individual cantons.

Last update: July 2014 (Data: 1999–2012)


Change in total area used by organic farms in Switzerland.

Last update: February 2014 (Data: 1993–2012)


Change in the number of all domesticated livestock breeds and agricultural plant varieties recognized in Switzerland.

Last update: August 2014 (Data: 1979–2009)


Change in the proportion of livestock breeds and plant varieties within the total population/total production of the breed/variety in Switzerland.

Last update: December 2015 (Last update: 1999–2013)


Change in the total number of species of selected taxa living in the wild.

Last update: July 2014 (Data: 1900–2013)


Change in the total number of globally endangered species occurring in Switzerland.

Last update: July 2015 (Data: 1990–2015)


Number of species now less endangered in Switzerland minus number of species now in greater danger.

Last update: October 2015 (Data: 2015)


Change in population size of species endangered worldwide, in Europe or in Switzerland.

Last update: May 2013 (Data: 1990–2013)


Change in average species diversity of selected species within 10 sqm areas.

Last update: May 2015 (Data: 2001–2015)


Change in the size of habitats of national importance.

Last update: March 2013 (Data: 2013)


Change in the mean quality of each of the valuable habitat types.

Last update: April 2014 (Data: 1997–2006)


Change in the diversity of species communities.

Last update: May 2015 (Data: 2001–2014)


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